EXTRACT LEAVES SENGGANI (Malaestoma candidum D.Don)


Sylvia Octavianti


Indonesia is a rich country in natural resources, which have many different types of plants that are beneficial, both in food and in health. In the field of health care for the plants to be used as a drug fitoterapi, commonly known as traditional medicine. The use of traditional medicine are beginning to be used to save the cost of treatment is more expensive and take advantage of the potential of natural resources in Indonesia is very diverse also reduce the import of raw materials chemically synthesized drugs. Besides the development of science and technology and changes in lifestyle of the people is rapidly increasing impact on human health. Errors diet can lead to metabolic disorders in the digestion of food and can lead to the formation of free radicals in the body.

One of the plants can be used as a traditional medicine is a plant Senggani (Melastoma candidum D.Don). Senggani plants belonging to the Melastomataceae family that grows wild in places that receive enough sunlight, such as on the slopes, shrubs, ground that is not too dry, or in the area of ​​attraction as an ornamental plant. Senggani Leaves widely used as a reliever fever (antipyretic), pain relievers (analgesics), laxative urine (diuretic), eliminating swelling, blood flow and stop bleeding (hemostasis). Senggani also efficacious to overcome digestive disorders (dispepsi), basilar dysentery, diarrhea, hepatitis, vaginal discharge (leukorea), canker sores, dropsy and ulcers. (Setiawan Dalimartha, 1999)

Antioxidant activity test can be done by spectrophotometry, quantitative test to determine the antioxidant activity of a compound as Which was testing with the arrest of radical (Radical scavenging test) using DPPH. The antioxidant activity (scavenger) a compound can be measured by its ability to capture free radicals. Arrest DPPH free radicals can be known through absrbansi the UV-Vis spectrophotometry, ie by looking at the ability of ether and water fractions of purple discolor DPPH compounds. DPPH gives a strong absorption at a wavelength of 517 nm with a dark violet color. After reacting with antioksdian, DPPH will be reduced and the color will change to yellow. This menununjukan that the stronger the antioxidant compounds in donating a hydrogen atom, the higher the antioxidant activity. These changes can be measured using a spectrophotometer. (Sunarni, 2005)

The formulation of the problem in this study were (1) Is Senggani leaf methanol extract has antioxidant activity against DPPH in various concentrations, and (2) class of antioxidants what are the active compounds contained in the methanol extracts of the leaves Senggani.

The purpose of this study was to determine the antioxidant activity of methanol leaf extracts against DPPH Senggani in various concentrations and identify classes of compounds contained in the methanol extracts of the leaves Senggani.

The benefits that can be drawn from this study is expected to add to repertoire science and is also expected to help the efforts of government / industry in drug development from natural materials that can support the advancement of the field of science and technology and health.


This study is the kind of research experiments. The samples in this study were Senggani Leaves (Melastoma candidum D.Don) taken from BPPTO Tawangmangu, Karanganyar, Central Java.

Data collection techniques used in this research are: (1) Extraction of the compounds contained in the leaves Senggani (Melastoma candidum D.Don) soxhletasi method, (2) test the antioxidant activity by spectrophotometric methods to test synthetic DPPH free radical reduction, and (3) Identification of the compound using phytochemical screening and thin-layer chromatography.

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